TED MEEKMA consult

Develop a sports amenity into a sales/marketing attraction

Generate higher margin revenues around a sports/recreation experience

Turn a cost/service center into a profit center

Develop an effective sports programming hook

Bring commercial training strategies to social sports/recreation environments

Increase sports participation, drive traffic flow and improve performance levels

Use sport to drive real estate sales, rentals and appreciation

Avoid costly sports facility design mistakes upfront

Prospective Clients

The types of prospective clients that can benefit from a affiliation are quite diversified. But they all share at least one characteristic: a desire to reap the multiple benefits to be realized from a commercially successful sports training/recreation environment. They include:

  • Camps and Academies
  • Clubs and Resorts
  • Federations
  • Olympic Committees
  • Schools and Parks
  • Residential Developments
  • Cities and Townships
  • Professional Teams/Clubs
  • Leagues and Associations