TED MEEKMA consult

Consulting Services

Determine customer demographics. Understand the diverse nature and needs of every potential audience you wish to attract and service.

Target market selection

Save time/money by identifying upfront, all the size, scope, phasing and growth factors involved with the facility layout.

Facility design input

Build 'attractions' that drive business traffic by creating fun, interesting, effective programming options customized to each market segment.

Programming development

Provide hands-on guidance in creating realistic price ranges, understanding true costs and calculating financial performance.

Pricing/financial projections

Collaborate on the creation of the story, the documentation of the philosophy and the marketing and promotion of the experience.


Identify the 'products' to be sold, establish the philosophy, develop the policies and procedures required to execute the sales and reservations strategy.


Nothing is more important than choosing and preparing passionate, committed staff members for this type of service/people oriented business.

Staff selection/training

While the Academic emphasis must supersede the focus on sports training, the two can/must be coordinated on a mutually beneficial basis.

Academic collaboration

Your real estate team must understand that unique sports training/recreation attractions can and will drive real estate sales, rentals and property values.

Real estate integration

As consultants with decades of operational expertise, we will guide, train and assist from a long term, viable, managerial perspective.

Operational support

Drive maximum program growth by delivering a fun experience that produces improved results. Environments with stimulating programs that enhance performance will generate gratification, repeat participation and positive promotion.

Improved participation/performance