TED MEEKMA consult

Avoid costly sports facility design mistakes upfront

Use sport to drive real estate sales, rentals and appreciation

Develop an effective sports programming hook

Turn a cost/service center into a profit center

Increase sports participation, drive traffic flow and improve performance levels

Bring commercial training strategies to social sports/recreation environments

Develop a sports amenity into a sales/marketing attraction

Generate higher margin revenues around a sports/recreation experience


"Ted Meekma is one of a kind and the very best in his field. When I need consulting and insight to deliver commercial success in sports and recreational facilities, he is the one I go to."
Billie Jean King

"I worked closely with Ted Meekma for more than 20 years. There is no one in the world with more experience in, more knowledge of, and more passion for the business of sports training, programming, marketing and facility development."
Bob Kain, former IMG President and Co-CEO

"Ted has a rare combination of skill and experience. As someone who was involved from inception in the creation and management of the world's premiere multi-sport camps and academies, he understands both the business management and athletic performance perspective required to be the best in your chosen endeavor."
Jim Courier, former #1 ranked tennis
player and 1987 NBTA graduate

"Ted has a unique blend of education, skills and experiences in his related industries that are great assets for anyone who employs him as a consultant. It was a pleasure doing business with him over 20+ years."
Doug Fonte, Former President of Penn Racquet Sports,
Retired President of Prince Americas

"Ted Meekma has been an important mentor to my family and me for the last seven years. His unparalleled sports training experience and sports business expertise have helped to positively shape my successful career path, both on and off the golf course. I want to thank him for always being there for me, and I will value his counsel throughout the remainder of my career as well."
Paula Creamer, LPGA Star

"I have known Ted Meekma for over 20 years and I have great respect for his abilities. His integrity and his passion, combined with his one-of-a-kind business background, make him a very unique commodity in the commercial sports and recreation industry"
Peter Johnson, former CEO of Sports & Entertainment, IMG

"I have known Ted Meekma for quite some time and have always found him to be fair, honest and knowledgeable. He always went out of his way to help me and my family. From a business standpoint, his perspective and experience are unmatched as far as I know, which makes him very unique in this industry."
Ivan Lendl

"Ted's a terrific chap...deceptively relaxed but razor sharp, well connected, effective, responsive, creative and reliable. Has never disappointed. One of the good guys."
George Napier, Chairman and CEO, Prince Sports, Inc.

"I moved my family from California to Florida when Paula was 14 years old, to take full advantage of the superb coaching and training teams at the Academy. But when I wanted to start learning more about the business side of sports management, marketing, promotion, etc., I turned to Ted Meekma. His ‘open door’ policy was an invaluable resource to me, time and time again. I will be forever grateful for his wise and objective counsel. Ted was always aware of the delicate balance between aspiring to be a successful athlete, and all that comes with being a young teenager. I always felt Ted's input was based on what was best for Paula as a person first, which was very comforting and appreciated as a parent."
Paul Creamer, father of LPGA star Paula Creamer